NOVA – Fifth grade graduation ceremony 2022

Someone once said, “We worry about what the child will become tomorrow.” Yes, we forget that a child is someone today. All parents and teachers have invested a lot of time and energy to prepare these children for their future. And indeed, they did so to prepare children with life skills for adulthood. It is our collective responsibility to guide them as adults and leaders of tomorrow. Our future and yours will depend on them. Therefore, at the final performance of the students from the elementary school and the celebration for the transition of the fifth graders to the sixth grade, everyone paid tribute to these young students of tomorrow. We know that they have started a significant journey toward achieving their goal. This year, they have shown that they are growing and developing progressively. Not only fifth graders but all students. They remained eager and enthusiastic and developed in many ways. To achieve this, all teachers and parents should be thanked for the fantastic role they have played, in helping their education, in this process. Therefore, fifth graders are incredibly special people, because they have shown an extraordinary year of progress.
They worked hard to learn more every day, had a lot of fun, made new friendships, and became friends with each other.
Therefore, congratulations to each of them and a message that they should feel proud of everything they have achieved this year.
As they move toward a brighter tomorrow of their own, with bright goals already accomplished, they will have more dreams to inspire them, too.
To enjoy the age they are now in their hearts and souls. They should not rush to grow up. To seize the extraordinary gifts of inquiry and reflection and never give them up, especially of reflection.
To work hard, be fair, and keep your spirit and soul as you are.
To stay young forever, because what you are makes you special.
So think of the generations and let our children and our children’s children know that the world is a better place for them. More importantly, to know that they should not change for anyone, and also not to be afraid to explore, to believe in the magic of new beginnings.
5th graders will continue into a new year, a year with new challenges to deal with.
But they sure are ready!