NOVA – High School Graduation Ceremony 2022

Faced with a great change, this generation survived for 4 years. There is no doubt that they are ready for the world ahead of them to explore and improve. This generation is special in many ways. Therefore, their uniqueness was ceremoniously rewarded at the graduation ceremony in their honor. A summary of what they’ve been through, but also advice on new life challenges and lessons to learn going forward, lessons for both life and education. But also personal memories and sharing of experiences, about the time spent in NOVA, which they should remember as each of them leaving a mark on the world, for which they should be grateful and happy. To remember the good times, the good friends, and the life lessons they learned over the years at Nova International Schools. This generation has shown incredible resilience and dedication in life. They were deprived of a normal school experience for almost a third of secondary education. But they have shown a truly impressive level of maturity, excellence and, most importantly, commitment to their community, their teachers say, rejoicing in their achievements as they try to help them learn from their failures, which was a great pleasure, to be a part of. from their journey.
We live in an unprecedented time in history which should be written down in the books for generations to come.
Therefore, life lessons for the Graduate Generation.
To focus on the journey rather than the final destination. Yes
to be decisive, and foolhardy, and to get out of the comfort zone. More importantly, not to worry about making mistakes, but to accept failures as an important part of getting from point A to point B or point C to point Z. To remember that time is perishable, therefore every day and its creative journey are significant. Although they are the main protagonists of their own journey, there is no clear or predictable path at the end of their final destination.
Because their current position is a combination of luck, timing, hard work and will. Although there is a high probability that they will reach their desired destination, they should accept the fact that life may have different plans for them. Therefore, instead of resisting, they should enjoy the ride on the “crazy railway” called life, whether they are going up or down.
So, good luck in your personal journey!