NOVA – International Jazz Day 2022

To jazz or not to jazz? – there is no question! , said Louis Armstrong.
Music that has no definition, but has special notes, expressed individuality in performance, techniques, and rhythms. Jazz represents much more than an American musical style.
Therefore, it deserves to be celebrated in NOVA as International Jazz Day.
Jazz, in 2011 by UNESCO at the initiative of the legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock, is recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the International Day of Jazz, a day that is particularly significant because it brings together and unites countries and communities around the world, every 30 April.
On the day of jazz, a worthy celebration was organized by NOVA, and at the event in his honor, the students, their parents, friends and all jazz lovers had a unique jazz experience.
By the way, the “Herbie Hancock” Jazz Institute is a partner of UNESCO in the organization for the promotion of the International Jazz Day. This non-profit music-educational organization deals with planning, promoting, through international schools all over the world, including the NOVA school. Thus, the production of these annual celebrations has been in partnership with all schools, including NOVA, for 6 years. International Jazz Day was celebrated in 180 countries around the world.
Jazz is not just music. The importance of jazz as a tool for achieving unity and peace through diplomacy is enormous. On the celebration of this jazz day, a program was performed in NOVA, with performances by the most successful jazz artists. Concerts are held all over the world on April 30.
In NOVA, during the “Jazz Week”, many jazz activities are organized in the elementary school, and for the other classes, its study is included in the program. In NOVA, the central activity was the concert of the Gordan Spasovski Trio, his work “Light Pillar”, Gotse Stefkovski, Kiril Tufekchievski, who arranged a treat for the attendees.
Jazz is a language of communication between musicians, expressed through their dreams, passions, emotions and desires. Each of them wants to sound special.
The International Day of Jazz in NOVA is another musical lesson, inspiration and a moment to forget the problems in reality and of course enjoyment, which only jazz can provide.