A city with an ideal geographical position, in the Gulf of Rijeka, part of the larger Kvarner Gulf on the Adriatic Sea. A city in which, throughout history, architects of the past and the Austro-Hungarian architectural style have left their mark, which led the city to gradually become a comfortable medieval European city with a cosmopolitan scent and taste. A city that has received all modern European innovations with open arms, not lagging behind in anything and not lagging behind in world-class maritime. Rijeka is a city of industry, culture, history, an academic centre and an attractive tourist destination. The spirit of the past intertwined with modern values leaves you breathless at any time of the year. The city has wonderful cultural monuments, a theatre that the city is proud of, and according to locals in Rijeka, there are people from all over the world who are warmly welcomed by them. The city is cosmopolitan and family-run, its residents say. Although it is tempting to visit it at any time of the year, there is a special charm in February when the famous carnival is held. The carnival has a hundred-year tradition that is still maintained today in a magnificent way with a very rich programme.
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