Once, a long, long time ago… actually 20 years ago… the Beauty married the Beast in the presence of 6000 closest personal friends. The Beast united all kingdoms and choose himself to be a king of the United States of Auradon. He gathered all villains and their helpers… basically all interesting people… and throw them on the Island of the Lost which was surrounded with magical fence that prevented them to leave. That is my neighbourhood/ No magic. No internet. No way out. At least I thought so… In short, this is the content of the traditional New Year’s show at NOVA, one of the many dedicated to the holiday, the greatest time of the year. Therefore we and those on the stage invite you to comfortably sit and enjoy in the remake of Disney’s movie The Descendants. For this performance there are going to be 350 students, approximately 70 teacher and personnel member on the stage that gave their support for flawless performance.  They were preparing for two month for this flawless performance. The show has interesting scenario, text, dialogues between the actors and seriousness of their youthful look which adds sympathy to the performance. The event is filled with great dosage of seriousness in the performance, seemingly the greatest actors, who recite very magical sentences about good and evil. I should take that book with magical spells because I can subject both good and evil to my will with the magical wand! This is the dialogue between the evil prophet and the eternal fight between the good and evil, Prince Ben known by his burst of happiness “Good is stronger than evil”! And the evil is cold and sad and I wish you’d never become like this mum! Love is not weak and stupid. It actually is wonderful. In the past few days I realized that I live Ivy, Jay and Carlos and I love… I love Ben. Part of the show that hides great strength: Your mother is the mistress of evil and my parents are examples of good but we are not like them. We can be whatever we want to be. And now I can look into your eyes and I can tell you that I am not evil. I can see that. Yes, the descendants have a great task. They should impress their parents but how? By giving them the magical wand. But not just giving them per se, but they should use that magical wand to make good descendants and to make the good defeat the evil.