In the abundance of nutcracker soldiers and Christmas woods that enchant, everything is ready for the story about the four kingdoms – the land of flowers, the land of snowflakes, the land of candies and the land of parties. Winter performance as one different interpretation of the ever favourite Nutcracker based on Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms by Nicolas de Carlo, performed by the students of NOVA Primary School. A spectacle that transfer the audience of the XIX century Christmas show into a magical world traditionally made up by NOVA in order to showcase all performing arts and talents for acting, singing, dancing, from ballet to hip hop, all in one place, well prepared to face the big stage. And on the stage you meet Clara Stahlbaum – a young girl who travels to the four realms in a quest for the missing key so she can open the gift from the late mother Mary. On her exciting way where she must find the key stolen from a mice, a key that she should put in an egg that her mother gave her for Christmas, she discovered a conspiracy for destroying the lives of the people from the four realms. With the help of captain Filip Hoffman (the nutcracker), Clara changes the flow of their individual destinies and the destinies of all people in the four realms. This is a show favourite for all ages because it leads to a journey in a world of magic, where the puppets become alive, the snowflakes dance, and what not… with beautiful music as addition to that magic.  The show is filled with an army of serious actor, lavish dresses, many bows in the beautiful children hair, glow, happiness, from start to beginning. Happiness from opening the presents as favourite act of the children and everybody dancing together to the beautiful sound of the glorious music by Tchaikovsky in order to reach the top of the enchanting where you can find Sugar Plum, Shiver, Hawthorne, the magical rulers of the realms. This true musical and theatrical spectacle by NOVA reminds us once again of the truths of life. Because, as Clara ends, without support and help everything is much harder in life. However we are facing with a difficult situation; we should take a look in the mirror because everything we need is inside us but we know that we are stronger together. But everyone is stronger also. The queen NOVA does what is the best for her people. The message strongly echoes from the stage by 350 students showing excellent acting skills and courage, self-confidence and creativity on the most professional level.