Musical performance worth of memories. Performance filled with dance and songs that could not leave everyone indifferent. Another different story from NOVA, something that has not been done before, because this means going to a different world, the world of science fiction.  Confirmation that NOVA always knows how to create a different satisfaction for everyone and its students that take part of the shows but also for their families and friends creating different things, taking risks, and creating innovations.

The story behind this Star Wars, a fairytale about the eternal fight between the good and the evil, located in the middle of the space, is an allegorical vision about the human history and present. Story that takes place in a galaxy far, far away, united in harmony and peace where the mystical force unites all planets and their people who are happy and free. But the dark clouds of evil will soon come over the happy life in the galaxy, and the merciless Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers threaten to capture the force and begin the rule of terror. Once they enslave Nabu, the blue planet, three heroes Luke Skywalker, princess Leah and Han Solo go into action. Knowing that the faith of their home and friend is in their hands, they begin the adventure in order to seek help from the neighbouring planets. Will they succussed in uniting all threaten lives and restore the freedom in the galaxy or will the force of darkness prevail? Inspirationally enough just to make you want to see this great art work of NOVA’s young students.

The show is authentic for many things, starting from the participants of all students, that army of young people, to their play, costumes, music, brought together with their impressive artistic talent. Ballerinas, from youngest to oldest, existed faces of children, lavish dresses, different parts, interesting clothes, colours, made to represent the fictional and take you on a journey to the galaxy.  Great musical piece, which favourite musical riffs that everyone can enjoy and sing, as it suits a premier in the honour of the Christmas holidays and the stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.